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Return transmittal from an input transmittal

Return transmittal from an input transmittal

Message from: July 2021

A new function "Return Transmittal" has been developed in the ToDo, which automatically generates a new transmittal when the ToDo is completed.




The return means of transport generated from the incoming means of transport after completion of the ToDo contains the documents of the incoming means of transport, whereby the sender and recipient are swapped. Further processing of the new transmittal takes place as usual. Further documents (redlining / comment reports, test certificates, etc.) can be added to the transmittal via the DMS document status dialogue.

PLM DMS - DC Phasen Controlling combines document phase and document purpose

PLM DMS - DC Phasen Controlling combines document phase and document purpose

Meldung vom: November 2019

Project processing (revision procedures) can be divided into a fixed sequence in DocWorkState, such as basic engineering, detail engineering, etc. Subordinate document purposes, such as "for review", "for approval" or "for attestation", etc., describe what is to happen to the document, also in a fixed order.

Within the framework of DC Phase Controlling, the DocWorkState now becomes the "DC Phase" and the document purpose becomes the "Action" package. For each "Action" package there is a ToDo template that controls the revision process. This is assigned to the action package.

The combination of a DC phase with the different "action" packages results in a DC structure tree.
The DC phases link the individual steps in the project flow with the PLM project management and ensure that the stored documentation has passed through the individual processing steps of the revision procedure in a controlled manner during the project flow.

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