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NPP – Nuclear Power Planet Decomissioning

NPP - Nuclear Power Planet Decomissioning

PLM NPP (Nuclear Power Plant) is an innovative tool that extends PLM FLM for the decommissioning of polluted industrial plants to reverse processes from re-planning to decommissioning planning.
Mass acquisition, evaluation, process organisation in deconstruction as well as the planning of replacement infrastructures for the deconstruction period can be planned, controlled and documented in one system. Guidelines from the nuclear, construction, water, waste and emission control acts are taken into account in this process.

  • Capture of 3D rooms on the basis of 2D CAD paper drawings
  • Using 3D point clouds
  • Creation of room designs (walls / floors / ceilings / spherical sections)
  • Calculation of masses and areas
  • Recording of ablation depths
  • Visualisation of the radiation atlas
  • Inventory recording with withdrawal planning
  • Registration and management of radiology
  • Classification of all infrastructure systems
  • Visualisation of the model and simulation depending on the time of withdrawal
  • Retreat planning after free measurement of the rooms
  • Retreat planning of the terminals, distributors and lines in the room classification
  • Planning of conversions or replacement systems
  • Visualisation of the dismantling status
  • Reporting of the withdrawal documentation
  • Dismantling documentation of the plant
  • Bidirectional working with DMS, FAD and PDE
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