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MAY Maintenance

MAI provides continuous support for maintenance and repair work, repairs to plants, machinery and equipment. In addition to the optimisation of maintenance work and the plant structure, MAI enables fault analysis based on all work carried out. The data is recorded in relation to the plant and employees, so that this knowledge can be used to benefit planned work.
In addition to the management of maintenance work, spare parts and operating resources, tools for cost calculation or forecasting are included.

  • P.Display of due and overdue work
  • P.Curricula vitae of the plants (history) with maintenance, repairs and faults
  • P.Schedules and calendars for upcoming work
  • P.Personnel and capacity planning, qualification of personnel
  • P.Cost centre management and inventory numbers
  • P.Spare parts, tools, auxiliary materials and consumables
  • P.Warehouse management with minimum stock and order quantity
  • P.Statistical functions and cost calculation
  • P.Error analysis and evaluation
  • P.Database-independent damage recording via PDF documents
  • P.History is preserved even when plants are shut down
  • P.Use of QR code to speed up work processes
Digital Release

In order to start up, maintain or repair plants, it is necessary to move the plant up or down in a certain order. Especially at shutdown, both mechanical and electrical measures must be taken.
To allow repairs to take place at different locations and objects, units are dynamically provided for maintenance and activation. The objects within such units always form the basis for activation and maintenance work.
For the maintenance of the plant, all measures are usually performed during operation.
For this reason, the releases for a planned shutdown or revision are predefined. Since measures in the realease can be safety-relevant, this procedure is also part of a HAZOP consideration. This connection must be considered as mandatory!
For the HAZOP process PLM-PLANET can be supplemented with further modules.

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