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MAY Maintenance

MAI provides continuous support for maintenance and repair work, repairs to plants, machinery and equipment. In addition to the optimisation of maintenance work and the plant structure, MAI enables fault analysis based on all work carried out. The data is recorded in relation to the plant and employees, so that this knowledge can be used to benefit planned work.
In addition to the management of maintenance work, spare parts and operating resources, tools for cost calculation or forecasting are included.

  • PDisplay of due and overdue work
  • PCurricula vitae of the plants (history) with maintenance, repairs and faults
  • PSchedules and calendars for upcoming work
  • PPersonnel and capacity planning, qualification of personnel
  • PCost centre management and inventory numbers
  • PSpare parts, tools, auxiliary materials and consumables
  • PWarehouse management with minimum stock and order quantity
  • PStatistical functions and cost calculation
  • PError analysis and evaluation
  • PDatabase-independent damage recording via PDF documents
  • PHistory is preserved even when plants are shut down
  • PUse of QR code to speed up work processes
Digital Release

In order to start up, maintain or repair plants, it is necessary to move the plant up or down in a certain order. Especially at shutdown, both mechanical and electrical measures must be taken.
To allow repairs to take place at different locations and objects, units are dynamically provided for maintenance and activation. The objects within such units always form the basis for activation and maintenance work.
For the maintenance of the plant, all measures are usually performed during operation.
For this reason, the releases for a planned shutdown or revision are predefined. Since measures in the realease can be safety-relevant, this procedure is also part of a HAZOP consideration. This connection must be considered as mandatory!
For the HAZOP process PLM-PLANET can be supplemented with further modules.

Latest Product News:
VGB Kurztexte um alternative Kurztexte erweitern
Extend VGB short texts with alternative short texts
Revisionshistorie bei der Rücknahme einer Revision beibehalten
Retain revision history when withdrawing a revision
PLM Office Übersichtsfenster Zeitraumeinstellung
PLM Office Overview Window Period Setting
Pfade in ACAD / PLM Referenzmanager und Topic ADT in Navisworks
Paths in ACAD / PLM Reference Manager and Topic ADT in Navisworks
Rück-Transmittal aus einem Eingangs-Transmittal
Return transmittal from an input transmittal
DMS Erweiterung Mehrfachzuweisung zu einem ToDo
DMS extension Multiple assignment to a ToDo
Die Label der Vorgänge je Vorgangstype und Sprache
The label of the processes per process type and language
DMS – kontrollierter Applikationsstart
DMS - controlled application start
Navisworks Revisionierung in DMS
Navisworks revision in DMS
Transmittal aus der PLM E-Mail mit DMS Dokumenten erzeugen
Create Transmittal from PLM e-mail with DMS documents
DMS Schnellsuche
DMS Quick Search
DMS Export Erweiterung
DMS Export Extension
Transmittal Eingang
Transmittal input
Aufgaben im „ToDo Redlining“ erhalten eine Primärfarben Zuordnung
Tasks in "ToDo Redlining" receive a primary colour assignment
Umbenennen von PDE Objekten
Rename PDE objects
Typenzuordnung des ToDo Verfahren mit Ablage der Reports zur Revision oder Version
Type assignment of the ToDo procedure with storage of the reports for revision or version
Mehrere L & L Reports zu einem Datencontainer
Several L & L reports for one data container
ToDo Admin (TA) und Aufgabenverantwortliche (AV) im WF
ToDo Admin (TA) and Task Responsible (AV) in WF
ToDo für eigene Zeichnungskommentare und Freigabe Status
ToDo for own drawing comments and release status
PLM Office Post aus DMS
PLM Office Post from DMS
Change Request CR durch Vorgang-Aktenzeichen in DMS einbringen
Bring Change Request CR into DMS by process file number
PLM-DMS/DCI – DCC Favoriten
PLM-DMS/DCI – DCC Favoriten
Document Control Konfigurationen auf andere Projekte übertragen
Transfer Document Control configurations to other projects
Steuerung von temporären Zugriffsrechten über ein ToDo
Control of temporary access rights via a ToDo
Optimierte Darstellung der PLM Office Fristen
Optimised display of PLM Office deadlines
PLM 3D Anpassung für die Anschluss Möglichkeit „aufgesetztes Rohr“
PLM 3D adaptation for the connection option "attached tube"
DMS und ToDo Listen erhalten das IDC Interface Document Control Verfahren
DMS and ToDo lists receive the IDC Interface Document Control procedure
PLM Office – Erweiterte Funktionalität der Aktenzeichen
PLM Office - Extended functionality of the file number
PLM Office – Anpassungen – Strukturbaum aus PLM DMS Auswahlsätze
PLM Office - Modifications - Structure tree from PLM DMS selection sets
PLM DMS – DCC – Vorlagenüberwachen durch das Quelldokument
PLM DMS - DCC - Template monitoring by the source document
PLM 3D / ISOGEN – PISOGEN – Erweiterung zur Generierung von Leitungsgruppe
PLM 3D / ISOGEN - PISOGEN - Extension for generating piping groups
PLM DMS kann jetzt analoge Stempel rechtegesteuert in PDF-Dokumente einfügen
PLM DMS can now insert analogue stamps into PDF documents right-controlled
PLM-DMS/DCI – DCC Favoriten
PLM DMS/DCI - DCC Favourites
PLM DMS – DC Phasen Controlling verbindet Dokumentenphase und Dokumentenzweck
PLM DMS - DC Phasen Controlling combines document phase and document purpose
PLM PDE – Statusmeldung projektkonformer Norm- und ICS Bauteilauswahl
PLM PDE - Status report of project-conform standard and ICS component selection
PLM – Neues Excel Plugin zur Übergabe von PLM Datenbankfelder
PLM - New Excel plugin for transferring PLM database fields
PLM DMS – Archivierung von Korrekturprozessen im Revisions-Freigabeverfahren
PLM DMS - archiving of correction processes in the revision-release procedure
PLM DMS – Erweiterung des DMS Revisions-Freigabeverfahren
PLM DMS - Extension of the DMS revision release procedure
PLM DMS – Neues Word Plugin zur Übergabe von PLM Datenbankfelder
PLM DMS - New Word Plugin for transferring PLM database fields
PLM 3D – Erweiterung des 3D Schnellentwurf mit Stücklistenausgabe
PLM 3D - Extension of the 3D quick design with parts list output
PLM Office / DMS – Angleichung der Strukturbäume in PLM Office und PLM-DMS
PLM Office / DMS - alignment of the structure trees in PLM Office and PLM-DMS
Raumabwicklungen mit Zuweisung von Belastungsstufen auf einem Flächenraster
Space development with allocation of load levels on a surface grid
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