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Industry 4.0

Experience the integrated software solution PLM-PLANET i4.0 for engineering, documentation and communication.

With PLM-PLANET i4.0 documentation and engineering services are integrated into a modern value chain and made usable with modern tools.


Bringing your data to life!

  • In all phases and locations
  • Benefit from the value chains
  • Work productively and reduce costs
  • Living planning controlling
  • From design to production plant
  • Increasing design efficiency
  • Implement ideas quickly and effectively
  • Optimising data exchange


Industry Standards with System!

PLM-PLANET i4.0 keeps your design teams productive wherever they are, even without the cloud.
Interdisciplinary tools and data exchange eliminate rework. Quotations, planning, controlling, lists... everything is in the workflow. Work with PLM and the Microsoft Office plug-in to optimise your data exchange.


Dokumentation, Controlling und Inbetriebnahme

Documentation, Controlling and Commissioning

Use the existing data!

Automate your documentation using the planning structure and pre-documented components.
Changes to the design are reflected in the documentation and are immediately available to everyone once they have been processed. Make your documentation visible, actionable and secure your knowledge.


Wartung / Instandhaltung

Servicing / Maintenance

Maintenance and Servicing may not be an island!

Only by combining planning, updated documentation, maintenance orders and troubleshooting can you effectively save costs.
When information is always up to date and available where it is needed, decisions can be made more reliably and quickly.



Deconstruction Strategy

With Strategy and Documentation!

The decommissioning strategy can be based on planning, documentation and maintenance data.
If required, document each pollutant measurement, mass measurement, area determination, and installation and dismantling step up to the radiation atlas in accordance with the AtG.



Use your data to design your ecosystem

  • Use a digital environment for everyone Get more freedom for the way you work.
  • Invest time to save time.
  • Planning and documentation standards.
  • Use a digital environment for all project information.
  • Reduce costs and improve quality.
  • Automate your work processes.
  • Use the skills of PLM-PLANET to achieve your objectives.

PLANET i4.0 PLANET i4.0PLANET i4.0 is a modular software environment that can be embedded into your company's "Fourth Industrial Revolution". Adapt the software to your agile environment and way of working. The capabilities of PLM-PLANET i4.0 will guide you to solve problems collaboratively and to be successful in achieving your goals. Take advantage of new opportunities and new ways of thinking to optimise your value chain. Use the skills of PLM-PLANET to achieve your goals.
The skills of PLM-PLANET i4.0 guide you to solve problems together and to be successful in terms of given objectives.
Use new opportunities and new ways of thinking to optimise your value chain.
Use the skills of PLM-PLANET to achieve your goals.


Administrative Areas

  • Office Organization
  • Team Organization
  • Systems catalogue
  • Rights & Roles
  • Communication

Organization Areas

  • Project Management
  • Document Management
  • Document Organization
  • facility management
  • Risk analysis
  • Risk Assessment

Design tools

  • Planning support through 3D navigation
  • Process Engineering
  • 3D planning
  • Secondary constructions
  • EMSR / Functional diagrams

Information System

  • AS-Built Documentation
  • Compiled documentation
  • Outsourcing Manager
  • Intranet portal

Dismantling Tools

  • Documentation of dismantling & retreat
  • Pollutant & Radiology detection
  • Replacement infrastructure planning
  • Space, surface & mass coverage
  • Visualization of the retreat
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