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About us


  • P.Founding of Dapro GmbH
  • P.Development of the DOS-based engineering and calculation software
  • P.Offshore research project EPOS,BMFT research project Elektrik Power on See Offshore Plant
  • P.TGA BASRAH International Airport, fire extinguishing, heating, ventilation and air conditioning system up to watering system
  • P.Development of the DOS-based engineering and calculation software


  • P.CAD/CAE System RohrCAD 2D / 3D - On the basis of AutoCAD Version 2.6 and dBase the first planning tools for process engineering and layout plans were developed.
  • P.Implementation of labelling systems such as KKS / AKZ
  • P.Data transmission to Rohr2


  • P.Catalogue System HUKS / ICS - The first 3D catalogue system of its kind went online. Unfortunately, at this early stage most of the component manufacturers were not yet willing or able to provide 3D geometries of their components.


  • P.The company expanded further and moved into its own premises.


  • P.Foundation of the Planet GmbH
  • P.The distribution company Planet GmbH was founded and was also the general distributor of Dapro GmbH, which was only responsible for programming development


  • P.Interface to SAP and eClass / ICS databases
  • P.Implementation of the eClass system in the ICS catalogue system


  • P.Relaunch from RohrCAD to RC-Planet - departure into new worlds! Collected knowledge and new technology!
  • P.RohrCAD received a new design, new database structures and surfaces and was adapted to the modern Windows


  • P.Start of development for PLM-Planet Lifecycle Management - The ever-increasing requirements of our customers and the associated larger data volumes had prompted us to develop a further product family based on an SQL server over the last 3 years


  • P.Foundation of Mohrenz Holding GmbH - Mohrenz Holding GmbH was founded to further expand the group of companies


  • P.Dapro GmbH became a service provider - Due to changing requirements of our customers the development team of Dapro GmbH changed to Planet GmbH
  • P.Dapro GmbH is now a pure personnel services company; services that are increasingly in demand by our customers


  • P.With PDx-Planet we close the product gap between RC-Planet for small planning companies and PLM-Planet for large projects. As a synergy effect, medium-sized companies receive a tool from both existing systems. Simple handling, high performance and expandable at any time, these are the added values of the new PDx-Planet.


  • P.3D PMx - 3D design automation
  • P.Due to the flexible 3D variant design via xml technology, the PLM-Planet was extended by a parameter design tool


  • P.FAD - Automated data transfer from the existing data structure according to the philosophy Industry 4.0


  • P.With NPP Nuclear Power Planet we complete our range of solutions with a decommissioning software
  • P.NPP covers everything from plant characterisation to building approval, deconstruction and dismantling strategy, 3D room recording with mass removal, visual dose rate plan, visual radiation atlas, residue withdrawal plan


  • P.PIA - Fully automated P&ID creation with MS Excel
  • P.On the basis of the existing PLM P&ID software, a fully automatic, assembly-oriented P&ID design with control via Excel was developed, a particular highlight in the assembly-oriented system according to RDS-PP


  • P.CEM - New module to integrate CE certification, HAZOP and risk analysis into the PLM family
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