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VGB Kurztexte um alternative Kurztexte erweitern

Extend VGB short texts with alternative short texts

PLM-Planet offers a solution that generates a short text according to VGB-S-891-00 guideline from the speaking long texts and offers an automatic translation in different languages. Via a data import from Excel into the PLM database, the VGB short texts can be extended by alternative short texts.

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Revisionshistorie bei der Rücknahme einer Revision beibehalten

Retain revision history when withdrawing a revision

In order to evaluate revisions that have been withdrawn and thus ensure traceability, a functionality has been created with which the revisions that have been withdrawn and their working copies can be displayed in DC Document Controlling.

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Navisworks Revisionierung in DMS

Navisworks revision in DMS

The development of a new Planet Plugin for Navisworks provides an extension of the functionalities in the DMS revision process with regard to the use of PLM NAV. This makes it possible to display different trades with different revision statuses.

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DMS Schnellsuche

DMS Quick Search

The quick search we developed was based on a workshop and frequent requests from our customers. The search for documents in DMS was thus considerably simplified and accelerated.

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DMS Export Erweiterung

DMS Export Extension

The existing quick selection for exporting files from DMS has been extended by a function with which additional documents can be transferred beyond the revision.

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Transmittal Eingang

Transmittal input

Upon receipt of documents to be processed, a transmittal is generated with sender, recipient, transfer report, etc. This transmittal takes over control in PLM. This transmittal takes over the control in PLM.

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PLM Office Post aus DMS

PLM Office Post from DMS

A direct connection from DMS to PLM Office Post has been created, so it is possible to exchange documents between DMS and Office in a controlled manner, both inbound and outbound.

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Document Control Konfigurationen auf andere Projekte übertragen

Transfer Document Control configurations to other projects

The project phases (e.g. basic engineering, construction, detail engineering) available in the Document Control Module for controlling the project execution, through which the revision procedure is controlled, offer extensive configuration options for a project.

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PLM-DMS/DCI – DCC Favoriten

PLM DMS/DCI - DCC Favourites

A new feature was implemented in both PLM DMS and DCI (Document Control Interface). The DCC (Document Control Code) describes and classifies the type of documentation (e.g. FA010 for overview circuit diagram, FB030 for P&I flow diagram, FF040 for flow chart etc.).

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