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NPP – Nuclear Power Planet Decomissioning

PLM NPP (Nuclear Power Plant) is an innovative tool that extends PLM FLM for the decommissioning of polluted industrial plants to reverse processes from re-planning to decommissioning planning.
Mass acquisition, evaluation, process organisation in deconstruction as well as the planning of replacement infrastructures for the deconstruction period can be planned, controlled and documented in one system. Guidelines from the nuclear, construction, water, waste and emission control acts are taken into account in this process.

Conventional and nuclear dismantling

Due to the reactor accidents in Fukushima, Japan, in March 2011, the German government initiated an energy turnaround with the result of an accelerated phase-out of nuclear energy. Decommissioning has thus become the central topic of the next decades. The decommissioning of a nuclear power plant can take 10 to 15 years and comprises different phases such as dismantling of components such as generator, turbine, piping, cleaning of elements slightly contaminated with radioactivity, dismantling of components in the pressure reduction system and reactor building, dismantling of more heavily contaminated parts such as the reactor pressure vessel, safe enclosure of the contaminated parts, recording and testing of contamination of parts of the building, demolition of the engine room and reactor building, removal of the waste and recultivation of the power plant site. Decommissioning may also include new construction, since the handling of the above processes requires the remaining operation of remaining infrastructure systems for heat, ventilation, water treatment and control. Planet has been meeting the complexity of these tasks, in particular due to the strict guidelines of the Atomic Energy and Immission Control Act, for several years now by developing a solution specially designed for deconstruction.

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