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Extend VGB short texts with alternative short texts

Extend VGB short texts with alternative short texts

Message from: September 2021

PLM-Planet offers a solution that generates a short text according to VGB-S-891-00 guideline from the speaking long texts and offers an automatic translation in different languages. Via a data import from Excel into the PLM database, the VGB short texts can be extended by alternative short texts.




The individual words of the long text are assigned an index, the long text then consists of an index key from which translations into various VGB short texts can be generated automatically. A VGB COM component was developed for the generation of the short texts and the data exchange, which can also be used in an AutoCAD drawing. As VGB is constantly creating new versions of short texts, a VGB source catalogue with all extended properties has been created on the Planet page; this source catalogue is filled via Excel Import. The source catalogue is connected to the system database via a GUID, so that an automatic update is guaranteed. Since only one short text or language variant can be used within a project, it was necessary to create special application catalogues that can be linked to the projects. The different variants of the VGB short texts are linked via a table key (STEXT-KEY), so that within a project, for example, the short texts can be replaced by abbreviated VGB short texts. STEXT-KEY and GUID guarantee that the application catalogues are always up-to-date.

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