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Retain revision history when withdrawing a revision

Retain revision history when withdrawing a revision

Message from: September 2021

In order to evaluate revisions that have been withdrawn and thus ensure traceability, a functionality has been created with which the revisions that have been withdrawn and their working copies can be displayed in DC Document Controlling.




Our customers had the problem that documents created by DMS, which were manually entered into the model via the AutoCAD reference manager, could no longer be found by the DMS functions. To solve this problem, a function was implemented that searches for the document in the system path, reloads it into the DMS and can thus rewrite the ACAD reference.

Furthermore, a new topic ADT (AutoCAD Architectural Desktop) was introduced for the use of Navisworks for controlled application editing in DMS.

Transmittal input

Transmittal input

Message from: February 2021

Upon receipt of documents to be processed, a transmittal is generated with sender, recipient, transfer report, etc. This transmittal takes over control in PLM. This transmittal takes over the control in PLM.

After receiving the files to be processed, they are checked into DMS via DCI and linked to the transmittal. The audit documents are subject to the normal audit run for an external audit. When the review run is complete and all documents are certified, a new transmittal is generated for dispatch, with the sender and recipient now swapped. The advantage is that all incoming documents remain as a group and can be called up as a group in DMS.

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Tasks in "ToDo Redlining" receive a primary colour assignment

Tasks in "ToDo Redlining" receive a primary colour assignment

Message from: January 2021

The ToDo for redlining has been extended with functionalities that enable visual highlighting in the form of different colours to the user.

For this purpose, various templates for the ToDo, the ToDo control, the redlining and the configuration must be adapted. Tasks in the ToDo are identified by a primary colour assignment. The primary colour is taken from the workflow configuration. For the actual redlining, secondary colours can be defined to highlight changes in the drawing PDF.

ToDo for own drawing comments and release status

ToDo for own drawing comments and release status

Message from: August 2020

Every user can comment on, delete or change a document.




The release statuses A = Release without comment, B = Release with comment and C = Rejected have been extended.
The comments are created for the tasks within a to-do. The user can also create a release with or without a comment and with a flag and signature.
A list of the comments of all users and documents is made via a report in List & Label.

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