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Rename PDE objects

Rename PDE objects

Message from: December 2020

A function for renaming PDE objects has been added to the PLM application.




Since the TAG No. is formed according to the rules of the PPS, the renaming of the TAG No. must be preceded by a renaming of the PPS numbers. Since PPS numbers must be unique in the database, the introduction of intermediate steps via virtual PPS numbers is necessary. To change a PPS, all PPS links in the procedural tree must be taken into account. A dialogue-based procedure was developed for this purpose.

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PLM 3D adaptation for the connection option "attached tube"

PLM 3D adaptation for the connection option "attached tube"

Meldung vom March 2020

When drawing a pipe in PLM 3D, there is now a new selection option for connection objects in addition to the "T-piece", namely "attached pipe" with the additional selection: "socket” or “attached".

As always, the new connection option is recorded in the database as a 3D body. The ISOGEN interface for isometry generation has been adapted accordingly. Furthermore, it is now also possible to read out information from the connection objects, such as the KKS name of the pipe to which the tee piece belongs.

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