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Navisworks revision in DMS

Navisworks revision in DMS

Message from: May 2021

The development of a new Planet Plugin for Navisworks provides an extension of the functionalities in the DMS revision process with regard to the use of PLM NAV. This makes it possible to display different trades with different revision statuses.


Until now, only the Navisworks NWF work files were available in DMS. With the help of the new Navisworks plugin, a current NWD file is now created in the DMS revision procedure and stored in the revision directory. This is done via an external control from DMS with the help of a special revision dialogue.

DMS Quick Search

DMS Quick Search

Message from: March 2021

The quick search we developed was based on a workshop and frequent requests from our customers. The search for documents in DMS was thus considerably simplified and accelerated.

The problem is the document numbers used by the customer. Until now, a correct entry with all special characters and spaces was required to find the documents. The newly developed search algorithm ignores all spaces and special characters, all documents found with the search term are listed in the DMS Grid. In this grid, there is also the option of further filtering and grouping the search results.

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PLM Office - Extended functionality of the file number

PLM Office - Extended functionality of the file number

Meldung vom: January 2020

In PLM Office the file number management has been extended. Thus the file numbers were upgraded to a "process", to which "process types" can be assigned in addition.

This makes it possible to organise the documents even more individually.
"Transaction types" such as claims often require an additional, separate schema for document numbers that is independent of document management and can be realised with this extension. Substructures that are classified and configured according to certain criteria, such as types, opponent claims, claim partners, own or third-party claims, can also be considered.

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